hi there!!

hello there!

it's my new blog on blogger.com and i love this blog, cause it's connected with google mail or you can call it gmail. You can access it here (http://mail.google.com).

the other is, you can join the google adsense, it's the great way to earn hm... ^^ you know.. $$...

that's the point i wanna tell you.

ah yeah... i forgot,... i'm going to tell you guys who loves playing pumpitup. There's a new pump it up version..


NX2 (Next Xenesis) www.piugame.com

with a whole new stage and missions.

the missions is great, and i think you'll love the mistery box. it's such a.... box with a mistery in it.

the other is the addition with a new mods. like a snake, blink, etc. you can find it on PUMP IT UP NX2.


last but not least,
Viva La PIU!!


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  1. hai vic...masih inget gw?? xD hehehe..
    wah kita sama2 punya blog di blogger yah..kapan2 ke blog gw dong yah xD hahahaha..


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